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Application for Certification (Hardware)

Last Updated 2014-04-01

Application Forms

If the product area is 'hardware (such as smart cards)', please use the latest version of the forms of CCM-02-AH below.
Otherwise, please use the application forms of CCM-02-A (forms written in Japanese only.)

Application for IT Certification (to be submitted by applicants)

Document Name Remarks
Application for Certifications CCM-02-AH
Form1 EN
The person in charge of application (who has the authority and the responsibility for application) must sign.
sample1 EN
Evidence indicating the corporate entity Official documentation official body issued. The appropriate document has already submitted on other unrelated business and when there is no change in the content, fill in the reception date of the document and the reception number on the application form.
Covenant CCM-02-AH
Form3 EN
sample3 EN
Evaluation Work Plan CCM-02-AH
Form4 EN
Plan must be agreed between the evaluation facility and the sponsor.
sample4 EN
Checklist for Impartiality and Independence of Evaluation CCM-02-AH
Form 5-1EN

Form 5-2EN
This document is prepared by Evaluation Facility.
sample5-1 EN

sample5-2 EN
ST either electronic version or one hard copies The ST is to describe the security requirements and security specifications, and is needed as an input to to evaluate/certify the TOE.
Any incomplete version of ST can't be accepted.
PP either electronic version or one hard copies In case of PP Certification or ST refers PP.
List of the evaluation deliverables Evaluation deliverables list and scheduled date of submission.
Application for the issue of English version of certificate CCM-02-A
Form 10
Request for Publication of "In Evaluation" CCM-02-A
Form 11
When you desire the notification of "In Evaluation" status to JISEC Web.
Nondisclosure Agreement CCM-02-AH
Form12-1 EN
Please use the CCM-02-AH Form 12-2 [MS-Word] when the NDA is required excluding the applicant.
sample12-1 EN
CCM-02-AH_sample12-2 EN [PDF]
Application for the issue of English version of Certification Report CCM-02-A
Form 18

Application for Others

Document Name Remarks
Notice of Change in Application Form CCM-02-A
Form 6
Submitted when there is some changes in "Application for Certifications" (Form 1), "Application for Assurance Continuity" (Form 2) or "Application for the issue of English version of certificate" (Form 10).
Notice of Withdrawal of Application CCM-02-A
Form 7
Notice of Change in Certificate CCM-02-A
Form 8
Request for Reissue of Certificate, etc. CCM-02-A
Form 9
Notification of change of contents on Web CCM-02-A
Form 17

Application Fee

  • The following fees are the unit prices per application.
  • All application fees, once paid, shall not be refunded even when the application has been withdrawn.
  • An applicant might be charged extra in addition to an application fee, if the application requires any additional cost such as traveling expenses paid by the Certification Body for the site visit, etc. as necessary.
Type of application Fees
(tax included)
Application for Certifications PP 410,400 yen
EAL1 529,200 yen
EAL2 691,200 yen
EAL3 810,000 yen
EAL4 1,026,000 yen
EAL5 1,112,400 yen
EAL6 Request Quotation
EAL7 Request Quotation
Assurance Continuity 388,800 yen
Issue of English version of Certificate 3,800 yen
Reissue of Certificate 3,800 yen
Reissue of English version of Certificate 3,800 yen
Reissue of Certification Report 3,400 yen
Reissue of Maintenance Report 3,400 yen

icon Payment procedure of Application Fee

  1. When the acceptance procedure of the application was completed, usually, IPA will send the invoice to the applicant by the middle of next month.
  2. The applicant must transfer the application fee by the due date listed on the invoice (usually by the end of next month of the acceptance of the invoice).
  3. IPA will inform you of the payee's bank account when the invoice is issued.
  4. Any remittance fees will be borne by the applicant.

Submission of application

Please send application forms and related documents to the following address:
Mailing Address:
JISEC Hardware Team, IT Security Center, Technology Headquarters,
Information-technology Promotion Agency (IPA), Japan
Bunkyo Green Court Center Office
2-28-8 Honkomagome, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 113-6591 JAPAN
TEL: +81-3-5978-7545  FAX: +81-3-5978-7548
E-mail: jisec address